Calendar42 raises over one million euro funding

Seed investment to eliminate the need for planning

Today Calendar42 announced that it has received funding from informal investors and current shareholders. It concerns a seed investment of over one million euros, which enables the company to further realise its ambition to eliminate unnecessary 'planning'.

Let go of your planning and focus on the here and now, that is the purpose of the software platform (C42) developed by Calendar42. The platform makes traditional planning superfluous by integrating real-time data from the world around us with smart algorithms. This real-time information can then be made available via simple applications.

A world without planning may sound as science fiction to a lot of people, but this development is up and running. Many people have already replaced the traditional agenda by making appointments via chat, texting and app. In businesses, too, the need to respond quickly to continuously changing situations is growing. Being agile is becoming increasingly important. The C42 platform offers solutions focussing on the very short term, reducing a lot of stress in everyday life. This surpasses traditional planning software, which only supports planning in the longer term.

The C42 platform can achieve speed, efficiency, cost reduction and better service through many aspects. Dutch organisations such as Aegon, Timing and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment are already convinced of its success, which is why Calendar42 may already consider those as clientele.

Developments in technology and (open) data together with the new EU privacy regulations of 2016 (GDPR) are believed to create major shifts in the market. A market thatis estimated by Gartner at over 36 billion euros per year by 2017.

The seed investment enables Calendar42 to further shape these technological and societal changes. With the funding the organisation, infrastructure and C42 platform will be expanded to eventually prepare for an international rollout.

Details about the financing will not be disclosed.

About Calendar42

Calendar42 was founded by Michel Boerrigter and Jasper Hartong as a spin-off from TU Delft in 2011. Today the technology start-up employs 14 employees. The company is active in various business markets including construction, temporary staffing industry, health care, public transportation, events and festivals industry, government, insurance and financial services.

Calendar42’s vision to eliminate the need for planning also formed the basis for its acquisition of carpooling service Toogethr earlier this year, and also for its initiative, in 2014, to establish Plannerstack, the champion of open travel information.

"We almost project supernatural powers to planning. Whether it's our private or professional lives, we follow our planning obsessively, while reality usually catches up. " Jasper Hartong, founder Calendar42
"We have proved that releasing the strict planning mindset not only showed to be more efficient, but also provides a beter service and user experience. This round brings us again a step closer in the rollout of our approach!" Michel Boerrigter, founder Calendar42
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About Calendar42

Calendar42 is a technology company founded in 2011 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology

We build a state of the art & reliable software platform with the ambitious goal of making planning obsolete. Our solutions are simple, starting from the needs of the end user and based on social self-regulation.