Mainport Innovation Fund invests in Calendar42

KLM and Schiphol invest in real-time planning

Mainport Innovation Fund, the innovation fund for logistics, transportation and aviation, invests in Calendar42. This investment means getting a step closer to real-time planning for KLM and Schiphol.

When it comes to filtering, organising and optimising transport data and workforce planning, the technology and knowledge of Calendar42 will add great value to the sectors that Mainport Innovation Fund is focusing on. 

“With this investment we want to further accelerate the growth that Calendar42 has started.„ Bram Ledeboer, Investment Partner of NBI Investors

The seamless integration of different transport modalities is an important objective of Schiphol. KLM is continuously optimising its internal processes. The platform of Calendar42 is developing into an important link in these processes. Letting go of your planning, being able to focus on the here and now and letting technology do the work; this is the magic of the software platform (C42) that has been developed by the technology start-up. The platform makes traditional planning superfluous by integrating real-time data from the world around us with smart algorithms. 

Mainport Innovation Fund provides innovative start-ups, in addition to capital, an international network and expertise via its partners through intensive collaboration.

“This method of the fund  offers exactly the added value that suits our strategy.„ Michel Boerrigter, Founder Calendar42

Details about the funding will not be disclosed.

About Calendar42

Calendar42 was founded by Michel Boerrigter and Jasper Hartong as a spin-off from TU Delft in 2011. Today the technology start-up employs 14 employees. The company is active in various business markets including construction, temporary staffing industry, health care, public transportation, events and festivals industry, government, insurance and financial services.

Calendar42’s vision to eliminate the need for planning also formed the basis for its acquisition of carpooling service Toogethr early 2015, and also for its initiative, in 2014, to establish Plannerstack, the champion of open travel information.

About Mainport Innovation Fund

Calendar42 is the10th investment of Mainport Innovation Fund, which recently established a new fund in which the Dutch Railways and Port of Amsterdam have joined as partners, in addition to Schiphol, KLM and TU Delft. The fund invests in promising technology companies with revolutionary innovations in logistics, transport and aviation. The fund is managed by NBI Investors.

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    Michel Boerrigter

    Founder | Director
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    Bram Ledeboer

    Investment Partner
    NBI Investors
    +31 (0) 20 3032071
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About Calendar42

Calendar42 is a technology company founded in 2011 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology

We build a state of the art & reliable software platform with the ambitious goal of making planning obsolete. Our solutions are simple, starting from the needs of the end user and based on social self-regulation.